Jewelry Care

How do I care for my Lift Your Sole Jewelry?

You've made a wonderful selection of Lift Your Sole Sterling Silver jewelry that you will want to take care of. Sterling Silver is a precious metal, so you will need occasional polishing and cleaning to keep it nice. The best way to clean your jewelry is with a polish pad or treated sunshine polishing cloth (available for purchase here) that is made for scratch sensitive surfaces. 

An easy way to remember is: "Last on, First off" 
After you are dressed, perfumed and ready to face the world, put your jewelry on last to avoid damaging it with chlorine, lotions, oils, perfumes, hairspray, and make up.

And Before you start your bed-time rituals, such as bathing, make up removal, face creams, etc., remove your jewelry first.
It is also recommended to remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, using sprays, prolonged exercising etc.

How do I prevent tarnishing?
The most important step is to prevent tarnish in the first place.

Tarnish can appear as discoloration or as a blackish residue due to skin oils, air pollution, contaminants and or oxidation from air. This is due to the mixed alloys in Sterling silver that make it wearable. Silver has to have other alloys as 100% sterling silver would be too soft and not usable. Some people’s skin acidity can speed up this reaction.

To prevent oxidation, store your jewelry in a fabric pouch or plastic baggie, sealed tight from air.

It is also recommended to avoid dipping your jewelry in dipping solutions or commercial cleaning solutions even though it may say it is for sterling silver. Dip cleaners may appear to work initially but will eventually strip and discolor the shine and patina of sterling silver.

For especially dirty sterling silver or tarnish build up, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste, baking soda or soap and clean in gentle circular motion.