How We Spread Our Wings... The Lift Your Sole Story

The Lift Your Sole story began as Jill’s (Founder) personal journey into creating unique and beautiful jewelry from older and broken jewelry pieces, as a way to gift friends and family with renewed treasures to “uplift their souls”.

Because of Jill’s lifelong love of fitness and athletics, she always gave her jewelry an extra “motivational” flare, like a phrase of encouragement or to celebrate others’ accomplishments in pursuing their fitness and lifetime goals. As she began to share her jewelry gifts among her fitness and running friends, she was encouraged to present her unique jewelry designs at Fitness and Athletic Events and Expos throughout the country.  The result was the beginning of Lift Your Sole!

These original, fitness-inspired pieces resonated with runners, bikers, swimmers and so many others -  folks of all levels of fitness, who understood that, like Jill’s early jewelry creations, we all start from “broken or missing pieces” of life that are “renewed” when we Lift our Sole towards better fitness and health!

Lift Your Sole’s jewelry celebrates life’s achievements, whether those are completing a Marathon or one’s first 5K! These fitness endeavors are symbolized by Lift Your Sole’s “Wings” and illustrate rising like the wings of a Phoenix and accomplishing great things! 

Jill, along with her husband, Greg and their trusty dog, Petey, embarked on a journey together to spread the wings of Lift Your Sole’s message and mission… to bring Fitness-Inspired Jewelry, Apparel and Accessories to the lives of women and men who are themselves “spreading their wings” and LIFTing their SOLES!

Here's a look at our humble beginnings when Lift Your Sole was home based. 


And then here is the new improved look at our Workshop and Retail site. Located in Historic Buford Georgia, est. 1898 Building (Used to be an old Shoe "Sole" Factory!)