About Us

From our sole to yours...

Lift Your Sole is comprised of a small, hardworking staff who is committed to a mission of inspiring and upLIFTing the "soles" of others!  We strive to recognize, motivate and celebrate those everyday She'ros and Heroes who are pursuing a life of balance, strength and activity, in both mind and body!

Our customers are YOU! - Wives, mothers, runners, walkers, marathoners, triathletes, best-friends and sole sisters!  

Like our customers, we know what it's like to work hard and live boldly, yet find fun and fitness along the way! So, our message and our Jewelry for you is “Keep Going, Growing, Achieving and Believing!!!”

Let "Lift Your Sole" help along the way with our wide selection of Fitness-inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry, Apparel and Accessories designed with YOU in mind!  Browse and buy that special piece that "lifts your sole" and inspires you to keep accomplishing great things!

~ Your Friends at Lift Your Sole!

The Lift Your Sole Team

~ “Chief Runner” and the one who started it all! The driving force behind who Lift Your Sole is today! 
Greg ~ Believer of Jill's dream, her ‘better half’ and VP, Event Operations. Wears all the hats!

Aleta ~ Another Lift Your Sole “rescue” who also came right into the front door of the Lift Your Sole workshop, the day before New Year’s Day, 2014. LYS has become her home and heart ever since!

Jordan ~ Administrative Assistant extraordinaire

Eric ~ Expo Expert and Fastest Fulfillment Agent on the Planet. A real Gentle Gentleman who frequently partners with Mom as a mother & son team at Expos!  

Lily ~ Customer Service Sweetheart

Bennie ~ Rescued the day before Thanksgiving 2012. He ran right inside the front door of the Lift Your Sole workshop!  (How 'bout that Pink bandana! Bennie and LYS give their support for the "Run with Donna" Breast Cancer Marathon!)


Petey ~ Jill and Greg's “Dog Child” and 1st Mascot of Lift Your Sole, Resting in Peace.  (1996-2012)