About Lift Your Sole Jewelry

The Lift Your Sole Line of Jewelry
Lift Your Sole's charms and jewelry are original designs and creations*. We design all our pieces and make the majority of our products in house.  As our demand has increased we have had to outsource some manufacturing, but are proud to work with Fair Trade Companies and vendors in the USA.

Our jewelry is made from a process called "casting" that requires many steps, such as an initial wax mold, tumbling and finishing of each individual piece. Lots of hard work goes into the process which is done by hand, and not by machine. This is very different from engraving which is a superficial etching process and typically machine done. 

Casting allows for a darkened, blackened lettering or imaging, which is much more prominent than engraving. 

Our Charm Collection
Our charms come on an open jump ring so that they can be put on just about anything! This versatility allows for you to put our charms on link charm bracelets, Pandora bracelets, beaded necklaces, etc.

  • We will attach and place any charm for you per your instructions.
  • To add our charms to Pandora style bracelets you will need a Charm Carrier which we can attach for you. 
  • You can also do this yourself with a needle nose pliers or take to a jeweler and have soldered in place.
  • Charms can also be added to any piece with a clasp that can easily allow for items to be clipped on and off. 

Our Apparel Collection
Our shirts are a Burnout T Crew Neck from the Brand Next Level. All Designs are LYS original copyright protected images and graphics. We go to great lengths to offer unique items and are always brainstorming and creating to come up with the next great design concept. Our current shirts are from our Fit Girl Line that are Junior Sizing and a very fitted and flattering style cut. We are currently in development of a Fit Woman line of shirts that offers a more normal sizing and generous cut. Some tank tops are from Barcode Clothing.


Our Accessories
The majority of our accessories are made ourselves by hand, or by local artisans that we collaborate with. Each item may vary slightly due to being made by hand. 

*a small number of exceptions apply